Not just the sale of saunas, but a genuine, healthy package of experiences!

Yes, we are engaged in the sale of saunas, but above all we offer a memorable experience and a pleasant, healthy time spent together with our most favorites.

All sauna enthusiasts know that there is a big difference between a sauna and a sauna. The steam must be exactly right, the heat must be good, the sitting must be comfortable – just by maximising these parameters perfectly, the Sum sauna has also been created.

sale of saunas

What makes Sumesauna so special?

You just want to have a cool steam room?

Then look here

You want there to be a front room at the steam room?

Then find out here

Looking for a spacious complete set? We have that too!

Sumesauna XL

Contact us and we will find the perfect solution for you!

Saunas are a well-known source of health and beauty, which boosts immunity and helps the cells of the body to do their job better. We want your health and beauty procedures to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible.
The sumptuous sauna brings health and beauty to your home with the enjoyment of the charms of nature!

Contact us and we will review together which Sumesauna solution best meets your wishes.